How To Upgrade Klaus On Mauer Der Toten

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The release of Mauer Der Toten as part of Season 4 Reloaded for Black Ops Cold War has been met with plenty of positive community from the passionate community. The third round-based map of the Dark Aether storyline is the next chapter in the battle between Requiem and Omega as they attempt to harness the power of the Dark Aether for their own benefit.

One of the many highlights of the map set in the dark streets of Berlin has been the addition of Klaus, a zombie-slaying robot armed with plenty of firepower and quick wit. Players can upgrade Klaus in order to improve his versatility in the higher rounds of a match. Without further ado, here's how to upgrade Klaus in Mauer Der Toten!


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How To Upgrade Klaus

There are a total of three upgrades that can be made to Klaus, one of which equips the robot with a Tier 3 Pack-a-Punch weapon so it can deal with any form of undead opposition with ease. For the first upgrade, let Klaus eliminate Zombies around the Garment Factory which is where the Upgrade Station is. Once the small screen on top of the station has turned green, the upgrade can begin.

Guide Klaus into the station where you will have to defend Klaus for 60 seconds. Once the time is up, Klaus will climb out of the station and will wield a Pack-a-Punched weapon.


Step 2

How To Upgrade Klaus Mauer Der Toten Upgrade Station

The next step involves searching a number of electrical boxes that Klaus can use to its advantage. Before beginning this upgrade, make sure to have access to the Blacklight which makes the process much easier. With the Blacklight equipped you'll need to search six electrical boxes. Their locations can be found below:

  • In the corner of the Hotel Lounge.
  • Between a door and a bookshelf inside the 5th Floor Apartments.
  • Inside the Blasted Suite next to the workbench.
  • Under the Cafe Mueller sign in West Berlin Street.
  • Inside the Maintenance Tunnel outside of the Safehouse entrance.
  • Inside the Ghost Station, opposite the entrance to the Maintenance Tunnel.
Klaus Cosmetic Disk Location Mauer Der Toten How To Upgrade
Image courtesy of MrDalekJD

After you've located the electrical boxes, scan each one with the Blacklight. Two of the six will feature a bright green mark on the wall next to the box. Guide Klaus to the boxes where the robot will punch the boxes to reveal two Cosmetic Disks. Interact with it to store the disk in your inventory and give the other to Klaus.

Head back to the Upgrade Station and enter the disk. Once the upgrade has been completed, Klaus will look like a completely different robot from when you first found him.


Step 3

Klaus Fully Upgraded Mauer Der Toten Punk Rock How To Upgrade Guide
Image courtesy of MrDalekJD

The third and final step is incredibly straightforward. Send Klaus back into the Upgrade Station and place the second Disk into the machine. Once complete, Klaus will be sporting a mohawk along with punk rock attire. As well as the outfit turning Klaus into an extraordinary slaying machine, the fully upgraded version of the robot will come in handy, especially in the higher rounds of a game.

There you have it! That's how to upgrade Klaus in Mauer Der Toten. For more Call of Duty news, check out our COD 2021 hub for all the latest news, leaks, and rumours on the next game!


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