How To Unlock The MAC-10 In Warzone

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One of the Season 1 weapons to arrive was the MAC-10 and quickly became one of the most powerful weapons.

The SMG was designed in 1964 and is still used by military forces today.


A lightweight SMG that in previous games hasn't always been a standout favourite, but this year was an incredible weapon.

But, how do you unlock this weapon in Warzone? 

Here's how! 




The MAC-10 is a weapon that was implemented during the release of Black Ops Cold War.

When the integration between Warzone and Cold War occurred, this weapon quickly rose to the top of the food chain.

If you are just jumping into Warzone you may be wondering how to unlock this weapon.


Players will only need to level up their character to level 55 in Black Ops Cold War to unlock this weapon.

This is the max level within multiplayer so it will take some time.

But it is well worth the grind, and it is still one of the best weapons within the game! 

Be sure to let us know what weapons you are using within Warzone and if you are still using the MAC-10!



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