Black Ops Cold War: How To Slide Cancel

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As we move into the second half of Season 3, Black Ops Cold War continues to be one of the most popular battle royale titles in the genre.

With regular updates and an extremely passionate community, plenty of players are getting stuck into Treyarch's latest offering featuring an action-packed multiplayer alongside a Zombies mode steeped in a rich storyline.

There are plenty of ways to navigate a map as fast as possible, and one of the most popular ways to traverse the battlefield is by slide cancelling.


In this guide, find out how to master the mechanic.

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How To Slide Cancel On PC

For those unfamiliar with slide cancelling, the mechanic enables players to enter and exit a slide extremely quickly, providing a split-second advantage when encountering an opponent.

For PC players, sliding can be initiated by pressing C or whatever key is bound to the Sliding function. Press it once to slide then immediately press it again followed by pressing Jump to exit the slide.

If you’re learning to slide cancel efficiently, it’s best to jump into a private match to get familiar with the mechanic before dropping into a game with other players.

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How To Slide Cancel On Console

To slide cancel on a PlayStation or Xbox, press the left analogue stick to activate a Sprint and hold Circle/B to initiate a slide.

As soon as you begin the slide, tap Circle/B again to crouch then press X/A to return to a standing position.

Once you have managed to master slide cancelling, you will notice a big difference in your movement speed.

A well-timed slide cancel can often be the difference between evading another player or spending some time watching a killcam that you may have been able to avoid, so be sure to master this mechanic to improve your Warzone performances!

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