How To Unlock The Konsole Blueprint In Cold War And Warzone

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Season 3 of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone has seen the introduction of a wide variety of brand-new blueprints for a number of weapons in the ever-expanding arsenal. One of the most recent additions is the CARV.2 tactical rifle and it's quickly become a popular weapon to use across both titles.

Thanks to its solid rate of fire and recoil levels so low it's almost impossible to spot, the CARV.2 has quickly made an impact in Warzone alongside Cold War, where mid-range and long-distance duels are a breeze.

Alongside being able to unlock the weapon by completing a series of challenges, players can also get their hands on it using an alternative method which also gives them access to the Konsole blueprint.

Here's how to get your hands on the blueprint.

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Konsole Blueprint Attachments

Find a complete list of attachments that come with the blueprint below:

  • Agency Silencer (Muzzle)
  • 19.4" Rapid Fire (Barrel)
  • Sillix Holoscout (Optic)
  • Tactical Stock (Stock)
  • 60 Rnd Speed Mag (Magazine)

Alongside the blueprint's sleek grey design that features a cartridge of a Call of Duty title on the magazine, this attachment combination is capable of shredding opposition in Warzone and Cold War.

For Warzone, the attachments suit long-range and mid-range combat perfectly thanks to improvements in accuracy and a huge magazine to lay down an unrelenting wave of fire.

The weapon is just as lethal in Black Ops Cold War. The rapid-fire barrel speeds up the time between each burst, meaning it takes only a few bursts to score an elimination.

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How To Unlock Konsole Blueprint

Like most blueprints, the process of unlocking it is extremely simple.

Head to the in-game store and purchase the Plastik Prototype cosmetic bundle for a reasonable 1200 COD Points.

Along with the blueprint, you will also obtain a legendary emblem, a retro mobile phone weapon charm, a new weapon sticker and a Tier skip for the Season 3 Battle Pass.

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