How To Fix Klaus In Mauer Der Toten

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Call of Duty Zombies is as popular as ever and as fans get stuck into Mauer Der Toten, the third round-based map to release on Black Ops Cold War, there are many secrets to be discovered as the battle between Requiem and Omega continues to intensify. Alongside a brand-new Wonder Weapon and the return of the Mule Kick Perk, Zombies developer Treyarch has added a robotic sidekick to lend a hand in the fight against the undead.

Known as Klaus, this relentless killing machine comes with its very own sense of humour and sass as players attempt to utilise the robot to their advantage. In this guide, find out where to find Klaus on Mauer Der Toten and how to fix the robot.


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Klaus Mauer Der Toten Location

Klaus Mauer Der Toten Location How To Upgrade

Klaus is located inside the Safehouse chained to a wooden chair. In order to get the robot up and running, three parts are required in order to get it fighting alongside you on the streets of Berlin. These parts can be tricky to obtain if you don't know where to look so to save some time, here's how to find the parts to activate Klaus.


Klaus Battery And Blueprint Location

These items can only be obtained from round ten, meaning it's best to have a weapon that's been through the Pack-a-Punch machine to deal with the opposition as quickly as possible. Once round 10 has been reached, a Krasny Soldat will spawn into the map. Once you've eliminated it, the enemy will drop a Battery and the Klaus Blueprint, giving you the first items needed.

Klaus Microwave Dish Location

Klaus Microwave Dish Location How to Upgrade

The next item needed to get Klaus out of the chair is the Microwave Dish. On either side of the Pack-a-Punch machine are two areas that contain a number of debris piles that can be moved. Search through the debris and eventually, the Microwave Dish will appear. Grab it and it will appear in the inventory. While you're close to the Pack-a-Punch machine, make sure to equip the Brain Rot Ammo Mod as it will be crucial when looking for the next item.

Klaus Robotic Hands Location

Klaus Robotic Hands Mauer Der Toten How To Find How To Upgrade

To get hold of the Robotic Hands, head over to the Garment Factory and follow these steps to get the last item needed to build Klaus:

  1. Open the blue door.
  2. Head north through the broken wall.
  3. Take a right through the first door.
  4. Follow the patch and advance through the second broken wall.

If these steps have been followed, you'll find yourself in a room with a door that has been boarded up. To break the door, shoot a Zombie with the Brain Rot ammo and it will start breaking down the door. With the door open, deal with the Zombie and head into the room where there will be a corpse lying on the bed. Approach the body and take the Robotic Hands.

How To Fix Klaus

Now you've got all the items needed, head back to the Safehouse and interact with Klaus to equip the Microwave Dish, Battery, and Robotic Hands. Once activated, Klaus will jump from the char and begin eliminating any undead opponents in the area. To reposition the robot, press your Tactical Equipment button and Klaus will move to the desired location.


There you have it! That's how to fix Klaus in Mauer Der Toten. For more Zombies intel, here's how to unlock the deadly CRBR-SWonder Weapon.

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