How To Fish In Oubtreak And Cold War Zombies

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Yes, that's right, fishing is a thing in Cold War's Zombies Outbreak mode.

This bizarre side activity can be done in Cold War's additional Oubtreak mode and it's a lot easier than you think.

Here's how to fish in Outbreak.

How To Fish In Outbreak

The best place to fish is on Golova and Sanatorium, where there are large bodies of water.

Bring up your map and find the areas on the map that are covered in water.

Bring up your map and look for a symbol on the radar that resembles a fishing rod. Head to this symbol and you'll spot a lifeless zombie, next to a tackle box, wearing a fishing hat and clutching a fishing rod.

Go up to the zombie corpse and and you will receive a prompt to ‘Cast Line’.

Press the action button to do so and your character will transition to a third-person perspective, and begin fishing.

After a moment or two, you'll get a new prompt saying ‘Reel in’. You'll need to do so when you see movement at the end of your line.

When you see the bobber submerge under water or feel your controller rumble, this is when you need to press the action button to bring the rod back in and view your reward.

Outbreak Fishing Rewards

Here are all of the items you can get from fishing in Outbreak:

  • Essence
  • Salvage
  • Armor
  • Perks
  • Wonder Weapons (TBC)
  • Shoes

Beware of the shoes, they are actually Mimics.

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