How To Complete The Mauer Der Toten Disco Bunny Easter Egg

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Mauer Der Toten has proven to be quite the fun experience for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War fans, not just giving fans a new area to shoot zombies in but also taking part in various activities like reviving a robot named Klaus to do your bidding.

It’s clear that Mauer Der Toten is going to be played for quite a while by Black Ops Cold War fans, with Perks that can be found, zombies, to shoot, and a new Disco Bunny Easter Egg quest to finish.


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How To Complete The Mauer Der Toten Disco Bunny Easter Egg

Easter Egg quests have been quite fun for Call of Duty fans, with several players hunting for all kinds of hidden bonuses within the confines of the maps. Here’s how to complete the new Disco Bunny Easter Egg quest.

Make sure you have most, if not all, the map covered so you’ll be able to find most of these items in Mauer Der Toten.


Find The Bunny Parts

Here are the locations where you can find the six plushie parts to assemble the Mystery Box rabbit.

  • Bunny Part #1: The first bunny plushie part can be found in the Sewer Access Area next to some garbage.
  • Bunny Part #2: You can find the second bunny plushie piece on a shelf in the Department Store, which is also where you can find the Wunderfizz Perk.
  • Bunny Part #3: Check the end shelf of the Grocery Store, where some beer bottles are placed.
  • Bunny Part #4: Players can find this in The Bar of Mauer Der Toten, which is near the Jugger-Nog Perk.
  • Bunny Part #5: The desk in Hotel 304.
  • Bunny Part #6: In the Alley near a pile of tires, which is just off East Berlin Street and near the rappel where you access the Garment Factory

Survive The Disco

After you’ve completed all the bunny plushie parts, players will be teleported into a new area in the map where you will have to survive through three waves of zombies. Once you’ve done this, the Disco Bunny Easter Egg will be completed.

That’s how you complete the Disco Bunny Easter Egg quest in Mauer Der Toten! With Season 5 approaching soon, attention will soon be turning to the fourth round-based Zombies map. As soon as intel begins to be revealed, be sure to check back for the latest information.

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