Forsaken Cold War Zombies Map Release Date: When Is The New Map Coming Out?

Season 6 of Black Ops Cold War is right around the corner and it's expected to be a huge season of post-launch content across multiplayer and Zombies. The upcoming season will see the release of the fourth and final round-based map known as Forsaken. With it being the last map to appear in Black Ops Cold War, players are expecting an epic showdown between Requiem and Omega, who've continued their attempts to utilise the Dark Aether to power their own agendas.

While we know that the new map will be releasing at some point during the season, many are beginning to ask for an exact date and it turns out it's sooner than we think!

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Forsaken Cold War Zombies Map Release Date

Forsaken Cold War Zombies Map Release Date
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While some Zombies maps have been released at the halfway point of a season, players will be able to jump into Forsaken as soon as Season 6 begins on October 7th. According to the official description of the map posted by Treyarch, the map will be focused on the creation of an Aetherial portal in western Ukraine.

Requiem and Omega have embarked upon rival operations to extract Sergeant Kazimir Zykov from the Dark Aether, believing this “lost Russian” – the Soviet soldier who closed the portal at Projekt Endstation – will be the key to preventing a destructive force from entering our world.

What Next For Zombies?

Once the Dark Aether storyline has come to an end, all eyes will be focused on Call of Duty: Vanguard and its Zombies experience. Treyarch will be in charge of development again and it's rumoured that the storyline will take place prior to the Dark Aether. More information is expected to be revealed before the game releases on November 5th.

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