Do People Still Play Black Ops Cold War?

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The hype surrounding the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard is beginning to build as the community begins to turn its attention to the next instalment of the franchise, players are already turning their attention towards other titles ahead of Season 6, the final season of post-launch content.

As players begin counting down to Vanguard's release on November 5th, players are using the quiet spell to play other games that have recently launched in order to get their fix of first-person shooter action. With that said, do people still play Black Ops Cold War?


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Do People Still Play Black Ops Cold War?

Black Ops Cold War Soldiers Fighting On Moscow Street

The short answer is yes! There are thousands of players still dropping into Black Ops Cold War whether it's for fast-paced multiplayer action or for some Zombie slaying. According to PlayStation tracking website PS-Timetracker, a total of 217 users spent over 1,200 hours playing the game. Considering that this is a small portion of the entire player base, it's likely that there are thousands more across Xbox and PC continuing to enjoy Treyarch's latest offering.


It's tricky to determine an exact number as Activision never releases any numbers regarding player count but one thing is for certain, players aren't quite finished with Black Ops Cold War. As with the end of any Call of Duty game cycle, a drop-off in numbers is expected but with Season 6 approaching with an all-new Zombies map, there's every chance of an increase in numbers before Vanguard releases.

How Many Players Play Warzone?

In comparison, the player base for Warzone is significantly higher than Black Ops Cold War because it is free for everyone. As the only free Call of Duty title available on PC and consoles, over 100 million players have dropped into Verdansk and Rebirth Island since it was released back in March 2020.

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