Die Maschine: All 59 Intel Locations

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Black Ops Zombies has finally returned with the launch of Black Ops Cold War!

Die Maschine is a fresh start for the Zombies story that has expanded since its debut back in 2008.


With the endless possibilities in terms of weapon upgrades and the new zombie camos; there is a lot to take in with Die Maschine. 

As well, for those seeking some collectible items; there is a grand total of 59 Intel pieces that be collected around the map. 

These can be tricky to find, but do not fear as we have got you covered!

Here's where to find all of them.



There is a lot of intel to be found all over Die Maschine.


You will find some of the basic ones completing the main easter egg, which we have covered here.

For the rest of the intel pieces; a Reddit user by the name of u/Ricerat477 has documented the locations of all the obtainable ones.

Here is a quick breakdown of where you will be able to find most of them! 





All of the above will be obtained through the easter egg! 



All of these will be found when you eliminate a Megaton: 



Audio Logs

  • The Incident - Next to then power 
  • Parallel World - Near the Pack-A-Punch machine


Radio Transmissions

You will only be able to obtain one of these a game, but can be obtained through the radio next to the starting area.




Audio logs

Documents: All Megaton Drops

  • KGB Video Tape Note
  • Dieter's Note
  • Message for Weaver


Radio Transmissions:


Same as before, radio within the starting area. 


Omega Intel 


Audio Logs

  • 8th Guard's First Contact - Next to one of the first doors in the Bunker
  • The Volunteer - Next to the fast travel spawn in Medical Bay
  • For Mother Russia - Next to the fast travel spawn in Deadshot Daiquiri's room 



Documents - All Megaton Drops

  • K Cipher
  • An Explanation
  • G Cipher
  • Before the Devil Arrives



  • Orlov Family Photo - Easter Egg


Dark Aether

Audio Logs - Trials



  • Lost Souls: Johannes
  • Lost Souls: Mariska
  • Lost Souls: David
  • Approach
  • Lost Souls: Alice
  • Lost Souls: Barbara


Documents - Trials


  • $!%()$3@!
  • I @ N#B%D! O% T@#&
  • Day 13,773
  • Day 95
  • Day 175
  • Day 213
  • Day 1,646
  • Day 937
  • Day 1,108
  • Day 6,121
  • Day 2,873
  • Day 3,289


Artifacts - All obtained through the main easter egg quest line!

  • Mutated Fungus
  • Plaguehound Gas
  • Dark Aether Crystal
  • Dark Aether Wrench

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