Die Maschine: Aether Shroud Tier 3 Glitch - Do Not Upgrade This Field Upgrade

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Black Ops Cold War is finally here and fans are pumped for the return of zombies!

The swarm of undead returns in many familiar ways as well as a lot of new ones too.


Die Maschine is one of the best zombie maps ever introduced, and there is a brand new concept implemented this year.

The game mode has introduced an ample amount of new features, from crystals to the new field upgrades.

These field upgrades offers your player some special ability that they can use throughout the match.

One of these is Aether Shroud; which cloaks your player invincible for five to eight seconds.


However, some players have noted a massive glitch with the tier three iteration of this field upgrade.

Here's what we know! 



Reported all over the internet, but more specifically on Reddit by user u/D3nk_media28 who posted a video on the CODZombies Reddit.


The glitch itself has occurred with the tier three version of the Aether Shroud field upgrade.

Upgrading the field upgrade to its final tier will allow you to dash forward a bit when you activate the field upgrade. 

However, this is where players are encountering issues.

As when players are using the Aether Shroud, the dash is sending them under the map; making them die and your teammates cannot revive you.


If you are playing solos and this glitch occurs, you cannot self revive yourself either as you are under the map; ending your game of zombies.

So beware of this field upgrade on its final tier!

Project Genesis has posted a video showcasing the glitch.

Check it out below! 

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