Cyberpunk 2077: How To Romance Panam Full Guide

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It's been a huge launch for Cyberpunk 2077, having sold over 8 million copies already.

There are loads of interesting characters you can meet within the game.


Some of these NPCs can actually be romanced with, and there are a few notable ones within Night City.

One of them is the Panam Palmer; a character you will meet and get to know a bit better during certain quests.

There is a way to romance her, and a good ending within.

Here's how too! 




You will initially meet Panam during the 'Ghost Town' mission.

Then you will further encounter her during other missions, and over the course of these missions, there will be certain dialogue sequences that are important.


Make sure you do not pick any red flag text blurbs, and always go for the 'Touch Panam' options.

These will greatly increase your chance of romancing her within the game. 

If you are successful with these options you will eventually get the choice to kiss her during a later mission. 

If you are looking for the best possible ending for Panam, then you will have to get all the way to the mission that presents you the option to let her help you, along with the Aldecaldos. 


You will get a romantic sequence between V and Panam at the conclusion of this mission.

Check out the best ending possible thanks to a YouTube video by Jekavac TV! 

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