All Maps Arriving In Cold War Season 4

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The first cinematic trailer for Season 4 of Black Ops Cold War has been released. The minute-long trailer unveiled all of the maps that will be making their way to multiplayer as part of the latest season of post-launch content.

There will be a total of three maps, one of which that will be familiar to fans of Black Ops 2.


It's likely that one of the maps will be available when Season 4 launches and the others will be added over the course of the season.

Find absolutely everything you need to know about the new maps coming to Cold War Season 4 in this article!

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Cold War Season 4 Start Time

Season 4 gets underway on June 17th and will feature a wealth of brand-new content alongside the new maps.


Collateral Cold War Map

Set in the open sand dunes with wreckages of burning satellites all around, Satellite will feature in 6v6 and 12v12 playlists.

Although there hasn't been a lot of gameplay, we can assume that it will be one of the larger maps in Black Ops Cold War thanks to the larger player count.


Amsterdam Cold War Map

Amsterdam will be the newest Gunfight map to arrive in Season 4.

Situated on the rooftops from one of the early campaign missions, this map promises to feature plenty of high-speed action where movement will be the key to success.


Hijacked Cold War Season 4

The third map arriving in Season 4 is Hijacked.

The map first appeared in Black Ops 2 and quickly became a fan-favourite thanks to its confined spaces enabling plenty of fast-paced, close-quarters action.

It's the fourth classic map to arrive in Black Ops Cold War, joining Raid, Express, and Standoff which were released in previous seasons.


Rush Black Ops Cold War Map Season 4

The fourth and final map making an appearance in Season 4 is Rush and is another classic map from Black Ops 2.

Set in a paintball arena, the map is perfect for those that love to get up close and personal with the opposition. With a number of corners that can also be utilised to your advantage, it's extremely important to check them in order to avoid being taken out by a pesky camper.

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