New Scorestreak Spotted In Season 4 Cinematic

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Attention is slowly turning towards the launch of Season 4 for Black Ops Cold War. During the full-length cinematic trailer ahead of the start of the season, those eagle-eyed players were quick to spot Jackal wielding some kind of pistol.

The weapon in question looks far too powerful to be a new addition to the arsenal, leading players to think that it may be a brand-new Scorestreak being added.

A high-powered pistol is nothing new in the Call of Duty franchise. In previous Black Ops titles, the Annihilator pistol was a Specialist that featured unmatched power, guaranteeing a one-shot kill if the player was accurate enough.


Here's everything we know about the potential addition of the Hand Cannon.

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Hand Cannon Black Ops Cold War Scorestreak

This particular Scorestreak has been the subject of several rumours ever since Black Ops Cold War released back in November 2020.

Reddit user 'uwuster' all but confirmed the presence of the streak several months ago after discovering a message mentioning the Hand Cannon before loading into a multiplayer match.

It was believed that it was going to appear in Season 2, after the cinematic showed Naga armed with a high-calibre revolver.

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Hand Cannon Release Date

Hand Cannon Cold War Season 4 Scorestreak

Compared to Season 2, this updated iteration of the Hand Cannon looks a lot more fitting for the masked antagonist that is wielding it in order for Stitch to execute his plan.

Depending on how powerful it is and how much score is required to earn it, there is every chance that its addition to multiplayer could have an influence on the current metagame.

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