Everything You Need To Know About The Outbreak Easter Egg

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Other than the addition of Duga as another Outbreak area, Season 3 of Black Ops Cold War Zombies has been relatively underwhelming. With Season 3 Reloaded just around the corner, Black Ops developer Treyarch has revealed a brand-new teaser for what appears to be the main Easter Egg for the large-scale Zombies experience.

Call of Duty Zombies has become synonymous with Easter Eggs that the developers hide within the confines of maps.


Players were extremely quick to complete the main quests for Die Maschine and Firebase Z, and are hoping that Outbreak's quest is a bit more complex.

Here's everything you need to know about the Outbreak Easter Egg and when the hunt gets underway!

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Latest News

Treyarch Reveals Second Teaser - May 14th

On May 13th, Treyarch revealed a second teaser for the Easter Egg.

Labelled "This is the only way," the note references both Omega and Requiem groups.


Outbreak Easter Egg Start Date

Zombies Outbreak Mode Easter Egg Start Date

On May 12th, Treyarch posted another mysterious blueprint on social media, showing a Beacon Communications Receiver that looks to be a part of the main quest.


Alongside the blueprint, the developer also stated that hunt begins on May 20th, much to the excitement of Zombies fans that have been waiting for the release of the Outbreak Easter Egg since the release of the mode.

May 20th also coincides with the start of Season 3 Reloaded.

Rather than a brand-new Zombies map making its way to Black Ops Cold War, it looks like that the Easter Egg will be the main piece of Zombies content for the second half of the season.


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Who Is R?

The note attached to the bottom-right corner of the blueprint is signed off with an "R," which has led to a huge amount of speculation as to who knows what Omega is planning.

Zombies fans were quick to assume that R could well stand for Richtofen, one of the four original characters from the first Zombies storyline. Could he be making an appearance in the Dark Aether story?!

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