Black Ops Cold War: How To Fix Calling Card Bug/Glitch

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All games launch with bugs and glitches, it has become an expected feature of the latest hits.

Though, that doesn’t stop them being any less annoying when they affect us.


So, to help you here is everything we know about the calling card bug in Black Ops Cold War, and how you can fix it if you can!

As we learn more about how to fix the bug we’ll be sure to update you.

Just remember that for now, there’s no guarantee that these tricks will work.

How to fix the Call Card Bug

Players are reporting that they are unable to change their calling card all across Reddit.


The problem is affecting players on PC, Xbox and PlayStation, finally uniting the platforms!

At the moment there are no guaranteed or official solutions, but there is one thing that may work.

Some players have suggested that logging out and logging back in again can fix this issue but there is nothing certain.

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The bug has been reported to the Call of Duty Developers and they are responding to it. 

When a more permanent fix will come about we don’t know, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Though, thankfully this isn’t the worst problem in the world.

Sure, we’d all love to show off our flashy Calling Cards, but even if we can’t change them, for now, we can still enjoy the game and start earning them for when we can!


When the glitch has a better solution, we’ll be sure to let you know!

Until then please check out our other Call of Duty guides!

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