Call of Duty Vietnam: Battle Royale For COD 2020 Will Be Included In Warzone?

A lot of new information about the future of Call of Duty Warzone and the Battle Royale genre within the game franchise - and it is very crucial to COD 2020.

Call of Duty Vietnam is rumoured to be the next game to release under the game banner and the subject of a Blackout 2.0 has been fermenting.

Recently, Narrative Director Taylor Kurosaki has spoken about the future of the popular mode in Call of Duty.

Warzone In COD 2020?

Warzone was rumoured to be the FINAL battle royale for Call of Duty and that appears to be true; however, it's not the end of battle royales as we know it in Call of Duty.

Recently, Taylor Kurosaki spoke to GamerGen describing how Warzone has challenged the studious to rethink content release strategy to best support the variety of players now in Call of Duty with this being free to play.

He also said that it will be the 'one constant' for Call of Duty every year.


It's interesting to consider what might come to the future of the game and how it works. Will Warzone be the vessel for future battle royale modes for Call of Duty games? Will it simply be the location to play something such as Blackout 2.0, where all Call of Duty Battle Royale modes now live? Will both versions of the game be available?

Will Warzone, in its current state, simply be updated to include new content (similar to COD Mobile)? Cosmetics, battle pass rewards, ranks and more are all currently tied to Modern Warfare, so how will that work when transitioning to a new game?

There are so many questions being asked and many will argue if it were not for Warzone, Modern Warfare would have not been nearly as successful. It's future could be a big deciding factor as to whether players buy the next game in the franchise.


Rumored Warzone Zones for CoD 2020

A report by CharlieIntel has surfaced in regards to the leaked Internal Alpha for CoD 2020. This new leak has names of potential Warzone Zones that they could implement onto the map if they carry over the same model for next year's title. 

  • Duga
  • Forest
  • Russia
  • Ski Slopes

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