Why Are CourageJD And Hastro Fighting?

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Two of Call of Duty's biggest legends, Jack "Courage" Dunlop and Mike "Hastr0" Rufail, have been going at it in a heated exchange on Twitter

With the Call of Duty League's Super Week coming to an end last night, the CDL franchises have now secured their seeds ahead of the Stage 1 Major.

The second season of the CDL saw some big changes, including OpTic Gaming's brand being reunited with owner Hector Rodriguez, moving and replacing the Chicago Huntsmen brand.


This huge change wasn't to overshadow the fact that the 100 Thieves acquired the vacant franchise spot and created the LA Thieves.

Call of Duty Esports has come a long way over the years, but the beef and bad blood can be just as fierce as it ever was, and isn't restricted to its players.

Here's why Courage and Hastr0 are feuding.

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CourageJD And Hastr0 Argument Explained

No one enjoys when their team gets clean-swept (losing 3-0), but that was the case for the Thieves as they were slaughtered by the Envy owned franchise Dallas Empire.

100 Thieves fans are incredibly vocal in their support for their side and it seems that has gotten the best of some in the past; including Call of Duty veteran Hastr0.

The Envy owner has been around the scene since COD Esports' inception.

Evidently happy with the reigning champion's performance last night, Hastr0 took to Twitter.


Original Tweet

For context, this runs back to a brief feud that popped up after comments Hastr0 left regarding the 100 Thieves and their goals for the organisation.


Mike Rufail said: "I don't want to be a team owner whose aim is to sell you hoodies and make you watch videos. I want to be a team owner who lets you experience WINNING" back in November 2020.

It obviously brought some flack from the 100 Thieves faithful; something that Hastr0 has clearly not forgotten.

It appears to have sparked a fire between himself and Courage...

Jordan "JKap" Kaplan, while clearly agitated, held back his responses after spending 4 years with Envy and winning a Call of Duty World Championship back in 2016.

Jack Dunlop had no intention of holding back in the latest feud with him pointing out how the Envy YouTube channel is regressing in terms of growth.

Hastr0 fired back with his own views on what success looks like for the Boys in Blue...


It's a bold statement from Courage who hasn't registered any major competitive LAN victories, spending much of his career as a beloved caster.

But, it didn't stop him from throwing even more shade Hastr0's way...


Original Tweet


Despite Hastr0 being a former pro player, CourageJD has made over $80,000 more in competitive tournaments.

It's clear there's some bad blood between the two brands, but while some are less likely to forgive and forget, Hastr0 has made it clear that "banter is banter".

While both organisations may have different opinions on what success looks like, it's clear they're both just as driven in achieving their goals.

As a long-time Call of Duty fan, I hope to see these arguments stay on a respectful level; it's hard to deny the drama makes the CDL that much more entertaining!

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