Cold War: How To Escort The Rover In Outbreak

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Season Two of Black Ops Cold War is finally here after weeks of teasers and trailers unveiling the next chapter of the ongoing battle between Adler and Stitch.

With a wide variety of content including a new multiplayer map, new Operators, and new additions to the weapon arsenal, the highlight of the new season is the highly-anticipated launch of Outbreak.

The open-world, large-scale Zombies experience is the third chapter of the Dark Aether storyline and sees squads assist Requiem with various experiments in order to regain the advantage from the Soviet-led Omega group.

Outbreak contains a variety of objectives for players to complete across numerous areas of the Ural Mountains, including guiding an autonomous rover to a Dark Aether portal.

Here’s how to escort the rover to its final destination.

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How To Escort Rover In Outbreak

How To Escort Rover Outbreak Zombies
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To begin escorting the rover, make your way to its storage truck that will be marked on the minimap once the objective has been activated.

Once you’ve arrived, deal with any Zombies that could cause problems when you engage with the storage truck and interact with the control panel. The back door of the truck will lower, and the rover will slowly make its way down the ramp and onto the ground.

With the rover now on the ground, stay within close proximity of it in order for it to move. If you move out of its range, the rover will stop moving, leaving it vulnerable to an undead onslaught.

Follow the rover as it attempts to take samples of Dark Aether breaches that appear around the map. While it takes a sample, it will stop for a brief period of time and will attract plenty of attention from nearby Zombies. Keep them away from the rover in order for it to continue its journey.

TIP: If the rover takes too much damage, you will fail the objective. It can take a few swipes from a Zombie but be sure to dispatch the target as quickly as possible to prevent more severe damage.

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After some time examining the smaller breaches, you and the rover will encounter a much larger breach. Weaver will come over the radio detailing how the rover will enter the breach. Keep defending it from any unwanted attention until it drives into the portal and disappears.

Job done! With the objective complete, activate the beacon to either exfil the area or continue to the next round.

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