Has The Next Zombies Map Location Been Revealed?

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The vigilant Call of Duty Zombies community is always on the lookout for even the slightest clues that could potentially reveal the next chapters in the storyline.

For Black Ops Cold War, it’s no different.


After players uncovered all the secrets within Die Maschine and Firebase Z, the second chapter of the Dark Aether storyline, eagle-eyed players have already spotted clues that may have revealed the location for the third Zombies map.

The release of Firebase Z on February 4th was met with widespread positivity from players as they attempted to rescue Samantha Maxis from capture.

With plenty of clues and pieces of intel pointing towards the next part of the story, has the next Zombies map location been revealed?!

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Ural Mountains Zombies Map

Mount Yamantau Zombies Map

According to notable Call of Duty leaker and content creator, TheGamingRevolution, the third Zombies map arriving in Black Ops Cold War will be set in the Ural Mountains.

During the cutscene after the Firebase Z main Easter Egg, Ravenov reveals that some form of operation is taking place in the mountain range, suggesting that this could be the next part of the world where players will fend off endless waves of the undead.


TGR also mentions that there are several pieces of intel that reference Mount Yamantau alongside Weaver’s computer terminal also displaying the Russian mountain. But what is so significant about this particular mountain?

According to the various pieces of intel, there are several Dark Aether portals opening up within the mountain which housed a facility to create Nova 6 gas.

With Ravenov staying in the field, could he be heading to Yamantau to assist with closing the portals?

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Ural Mountains Zombies Map Release Date

TGR mentions that the new map could be arriving as part of Season Two alongside a brand-new mode which will see both Requiem and Omega groups do battle on the Fireteam maps.

Codenamed “Outbreak”, the mode is likely to appear during Season Two, implying that the new Zombies map will make an appearance at the halfway stage.

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