How To Turn On Die Maschine Song Easter Egg

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Black Ops Zombies has made a triumphant return with the launch of Black Ops Cold War!

Players are getting stuck into a new era of the Zombies storyline and it's being incredibly well received.


Players have already managed to solve the Die Maschine Easter Egg in under 3 hours of it going live.

One of the more underrated and often overlooked Easter Eggs in the map revolves around the map song.

So how can you activate it for yourself? TheGamingRevolution gives us a tutorial on how to do it!

How To Turn On The Die Maschine Easter Egg Song

The Easter Egg Song will require you to collect three tape recordings.


The first tape recording can be found in the Particle Accelerator room.

From the buildable bench, turn right around and out into the ringed pathway that runs around the Accelerator, go left until you see a slanted computer system.

In front of it is another system and the tape is on top of it.


Photo via TheGamingRevolution

For the second recording, head up to the Medical Bay and turn right.

Go up the stairs and turn right into the storage room.

On the shelving unit, on the bottom shelf, you'll spot the next cassette tape.


Photo via TheGamingRevolution

Finally, head to the Nacht Der Untoten room, specifically 'The Living Room'.

There's a slanted bookcase that holds the final tape.


Photo via TheGamingRevolution

Once you've collected all three, the Easter Egg song will play!

The song is called 'Alone' by Kevin Sherwood and you can hear it here:

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