All Perks On Firebase Z And Where To Find Them

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The aim of Call of Duty Zombies has always been to see how many rounds players are able to survive.

One of the best ways to prolong survival is by using the points to buy Perks that offer a range of benefits including increased health, increased mobility, and faster reload speeds.


As players get to grips with Firebase Z, the second chapter in the Dark Aether storyline, a sure-fire way of making it to the higher rounds is by purchasing the six available Perks.

The Perks can be found in a number of locations across the map, and knowing their exact location can save a lot of time in the latter stages of a game.

In this article, find the locations for all 6 Perks in Firebase Z.

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Quick Revive

Quick Revive is one of the first Perks that you will come across.

From the main spawn point, head through the courtyard and turn right close to the door to find it.

Quick Revive Firebase Z

Tombstone Soda

After you’ve taken a trip through the teleporter, Tombstone Soda is also straightforward to find.

Make your way towards the rear of the burning helicopter and Tombstone Soda will be nestled away in the corner.

Tombstone Soda Firebase Z

Speed Cola

Speed Cola is a must-buy when it comes to reloading as quickly as possible.

At the top of the Data Center next to the barricade that glows red is where to find this crucial Perk.

Speed Cola Firebase Z

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Arguably the most important Perk to purchase in a Zombies match, Juggernog offers an increase in health which can often be the difference between life and death.

The Perk is located in the Military Command Control Room beside a barricade and next to the staircase.

Juggernog Firebase Z


For those that love to train waves of the undead around the map, buying Stamin-Up is the perfect Perk to use to stay out of reach.


The vending machine is located at the top of the stairs in Mission Control on the left-hand side.

Stamin-up Firebase Z

Der Wunderfizz

Der Wunderfizz is one of the most useful Perks to use as it gives you the ability to select which Perk you want to buy.

The machine is located in the room to the left of Ravenov and the Pack-A-Punch machine.

Der Wunderfizz Firebase Z

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