RAI K-84 Guide: Parts Locations, How To Build And How To Upgrade

Firebase Z has finally released after update 1.11 went live across all platforms.

The second chapter of the Dark Aether storyline brings a brand-new zombies experience to fans, including the addition of a brand-new Wonder Weapon known as the R.A.I. K-84.

There are two ways to obtain this incredibly powerful. One is by using the Mystery Box and hoping it rises from the depth, and the other is by acquiring all the parts that can be found in various locations around the map.

For those wanting to build the Wonder Weapon from scratch, there are several steps to follow for each individual part.

In this guide, find the locations for all parts of the Wonder Weapon.

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How To Get The R.A.I K-84 Wonder Weapon

Firebase Z RAI K-84 Part Locations
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The first step before collecting any parts is to obtain the blueprint. Head to the Weapon Lab where you’ll find the blueprint on the wall above a bench.

Once you’ve acquired the blueprint from the Weapon Lab, head to the Scorched Defense area of the map where you will find a burnt body.

In order to access the computer, you will need their eye as a form of identification. Interact with the Zombie to steal its eye.

With the eye in hand, head back to the Weapon Lab, scan the eye, and log into the computer. This will open a drawer containing a locker key.

Next, head to the Barracks where you will be able to use the key to open the thin lockers that can be found in between the bunk beds. Once all the lockers have opened, a Mimic will spawn. Kill the Mimic and it will drop the barrel assembly.

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R.A.I K-84 Wonder Weapon Part Locations

  • Weapon blueprint – Inside the Weapons Lab above a bench.
  • Kuhlklay’s eye – Next to a burning vehicle in the Scorched Defense area.
  • Locker key – Inside the drawer below Kuhlklay’s computer.
  • Barrel assembly – Dropped by killing the Mimic after opening the lockers.
  • Uncharged magazine – Dropped by killing a Mangler after Round 15.

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