Black Ops Cold War: Time To Kill Comparison With Black Ops 4 And Modern Warfare

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Black Ops Cold War will arrive later this year, and it looks as though fans will be able to take a little bit more damage before having to watch the kill-cam.

YouTuber Xclusive Ace crunched the numbers and found that the time-to-kill in Black Ops Cold War is significantly longer than Modern Warfare 2019's.


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Black Ops Cold War Time-To Kill

Time-to-kill is essentially a metric of how long it takes to take an enemy from full health down to zero.

The shorter the TTK, the smaller the window of retaliation, and the quicker an enemy goes down.


Call of Duty has always had a pretty rapid TTK to allow for quick bursts of action, but last year's Modern Warfare reboot surprised many with how small it is.

In the video below, TheXclusiveAce is able to calculate how long it takes to kill an enemy in Black Ops Cold War in comparison to both Modern Warfare 2019, and 2018's Black Ops 4.

If you can't watch the video, @INTELCallofDuty shared the figures:

Time to kill comparison from @TheXclusiveAce📺:
— CDL Intel (@INTELCallofDuty)
September 11, 2020

Essentially, Black Ops Cold War's TTK is much more in line with Black Ops 4, which is interesting as that game required manual healing to keep health topped up.


With Cold War, auto health regeneration is back, so it'll be interesting to see how that combines with the longer TTK.

For more on Black Ops: Cold War, be sure to check out the news that the game will feature a classic mini-map, as well as a look at how Warzone's Verdansk will be changing to evoke the 1980s.

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