Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer: 5 Tips And Tricks For Beginners And Experts

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After months of teasers, Easter Eggs, and reveals, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is finally here!

The latest instalment in the first-person shooter franchise marks a return to the Black Ops series with a brand-new campaign, multiplayer, and zombies experience.

Black Ops Cold War throws players into the height of the Cold War and is a direct sequel to the first Black Ops title which released a decade ago.


Like every year, players will be looking for the quickest and most efficient ways to level up and unlock everything there is to earn.

In this guide, find some handy tips and tricks to level up fast and to get the upper hand over the opposition!

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1) Deal With Enemy UAVs

With everyone starting with default loadouts and scorestreaks, it’s more than likely that there will be a seemingly endless wave of UAVs being called into the map.

UAVs unveil the location of the opposition on the map, making it much easier to track down a target and eliminate them.

Select the loadout with a lock-on launcher, take them out of the skies to clear the airspace for something more powerful, and most importantly, earn some additional XP to get your hands on new equipment!

This tactic is a sure-fire way of earning plenty of XP in the early stages of the game, allowing you to level up quickly and keep your location hidden from the opposing team.


2) Master The Movement

Getting to grips with the movement mechanics in Black Ops Cold War is crucial when it comes to navigating the map as quickly as possible and to evade any enemies that are trying to hunt you down.

Like Modern Warfare, the slide-cancelling mechanic is back for Black Ops Cold War and is an effective way to move around the map quicker than walking and sprinting.

To perform a slide-cancel, press Circle on Playstation or B on Xbox to activate a slide, quickly press it again followed by pressing X or A to stand back up again.

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3) Use Different Weapons

During the first few days of a new Call of Duty, it is very easy to select one weapon and keep using it.

The best way to master Black Ops Cold War is to use a range of weapons from every category. It gives you a feel of which weapons you prefer and which weapons work in specific situations.

Find our recommended weapons below:


4) Fine-Tune Audio Settings

Selecting the perfect audio settings is another key part of your setup that can be used to further increase your awareness during a match.

Armed with the best audio settings, you’ll be able to hear absolutely everything taking place around you, including hearing any footsteps encroaching on your location.

Find our recommended settings by clicking here.

5) Sprinting


This may seem like a simple tip, but choosing the right time to sprint can often be the difference between scoring a couple of kills or a rage-inducing showing of the killcam.

More often than not, the best time to sprint is when you have a clear view of what’s in front knowing that there is no form of opposition to halt your progress.

Whatever you do, DO NOT sprint around a corner. There could be an enemy waiting around the other side ready to take you down with ease.

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