Black Ops Cold War: The Multiplayer Menu Music Is Chilling - Listen To It Here!

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With the Black Ops Cold War beta launching this week on PS4, players have managed to get a sneak peek at the menus for Black Ops Cold War.

Pre-loads are already available for the new title, to those that pre-ordered the game digitally.

Upon starting up the beta, you're unable to play the game but the main menu will flash the familiar images shown during the Alpha.


Alongside this, the main menu theme has been revealed!

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Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Menu Music

While for a large part of it, it seems to be the same eery war theme that we heard in the Alpha, it does also start to pick up in tempo and change its tone after about 5 minutes.

This music comes directly from the beta itself and players can listen to it in full force on the 8th October.


Activision's choice in music has been nothing short of incredible in the build-up to launch.

What's great is they've taken songs from the 1980s, the time period in which the game is set, and given them a modern-day spin.

For the main reveal trailer of Black Ops Cold War, they opted to use New Order's 'Blue Monday' (released in 1983).

When they revealed the multiplayer, they used Notorious B.I.G.'s remix of Duran Duran's 'Notorious' (originally released in 1986).

Finally, for the Zombies reveal they used 'Tainted Love' by Soft Cell (released in 1981).

Black Ops games have been well known for their catchy soundtrack choices and it seems like this year they've taken a different direction on the menu music, with a slight twist.

It's by no means my favourite, but I think it sets the tone for the story when you first load into the game.

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