M82 Cold War Class: Setup, Best Attachments And Loadout For Your Class

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The M82 sniper rifle comes with a semi-automatic firing mechanism and is one of the few semi-auto snipers that feature in Black Ops Cold War. Season 6 is in full swing and the M82 is still proving to be a popular sniper rifle in a variety of multiplayer modes. The immense firepower of the sniper often results in a one-shot kill and even if you miss the first shot, it's very easy to follow up with another one to take down the intended target.

In this guide, find the best attachments to equip and the best loadout to dominate in long-range situations.


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M82 Cold War

Unlocked at Level 55, the M82 is the final weapon of the Black Ops Cold War arsenal to unlock. Its high damage output all but guarantees a one-shot kill from the chest up, making it so easy to make an impact from afar during a multiplayer match.

To maintain some form of balance, the M82 has incredibly high levels of recoil that can be difficult to control alongside a slow aim down sight speed.  

M82 Cold War Best Attachments

  • Royal & Kross 4x (Optic)
  • 19.5” Ultralight (Barrel)
  • Front Grip (Underbarrel)
  • Serpent Wrap (Handle)
  • Marathon Stock (Stock)

By selecting this combination of attachments, the M82 will be much more effective when reacting quickly to any oncoming opponents.

The additions of the Serpent Wrap and the Marathon Stock increases aim down sight speed along with sprint to fire speed, drastically improving your reaction times.

M82 Black Ops Cold War Best Attachments

M82 Cold War Best Loadout



  • 20” Liberator (Barrel)
  • Steady Aim Laser (Body)
  • Patrol Grip (Underbarrel)
  • Taped Mags (Magazine)
  • Spetsnaz Field Grip (Handle)

As with all sniper rifles, it is perhaps one of the most ineffective weapons in close-quarters situations.

The addition of a fully-equipped AK-74 to the loadout is the perfect addition to make an impact in close-range action and if the odds are against you and your team, it can deal plenty of damage at longer distances.


  • Semtex

With so many players opting for an aggressive style of play, the Semtex can be thrown to react quickly to an opponent approaching your location at breakneck speed.

You can throw a Semtex much quicker than any other piece of lethal equipment, giving you the ability to react quickly in order to avoid a potentially sticky situation.


  • Flashbang

Selecting the Flashbang is ideal when looking to gain an advantage over a potential target.

Throw it in front of your location, wait for the hit-marker, and take them out before they even have a chance to react to your M82.

Field Upgrade

  • Jammer

Despite having a lengthy recharge time, the Jammer can have a significant impact on any enemies in your vicinity.

The Field Upgrade creates an electronic disruption field, degrading enemy mini-map information, and allowing you to move into a position where the sniper can excel.


  • Paranoia
  • Assassin
  • Cold Blooded

This combination of Perks complements the M82 in ways which will enable you to score plenty of eliminations throughout the course of a match.

Paranoia further increases your awareness by alerting you when an enemy outside of your view has spotted you, Assassin gives you the ability to earn additional score by eliminating an opponent on a killstreak, and Cold Blooded conceals your location from any


  • Law Breaker

By selecting Law Breaker as your Wildcard, it gives you the ability to use two primary weapons, giving you the opportunity to dominate the battlefield in almost all situations.

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