Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War: Another Clue Has Appeared, What Does It Mean?

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Activision’s once-secret Pawn Takes Pawn website, discovered following the opening of lock-boxes on Monday, has been updated again.

Charlie Intel reports that the site now plays a tape which explains the events of 1961 and 1962.


You can check it out here (click on the tape to get started).

Another Call of Duty Teaser Has Appeared

Around the screen, there's the handwritten "Tangledweb" note we reported on the other day, and the VHS player now shows a series of numbers, as well as a potential series of co-ordinates which point to a location in Warzone's Farmland region.

Another new site, (as in E=MC2), shows a note that says "8/14 [Today's Date] - DAY ONE: 1961 - 1962", with further information redacted.


This intel from the VCR has opened a door in the Farmhouse in zone H6 revealing a room filled with clues.

Check out this video from @PrestigeIsKey which shows the room in full.

The code on the VCR opens the door in the Farmhouse in zone H6 - I tried to get footage of everything
— Ryan B. (@PrestigeIsKey)
August 14, 2020

Update: As pointed out by Charlie Intel, the sticky note on the EMC2 page of the Pawn Takes Pawn website has been updated. The “day one” line has been scribbled out, indicating that more progress might be made tomorrow — Saturday, August 15. But we’ve probably gotten all the clues we’re going to get for today.


Are we ever going to see a trailer for Black Ops: Cold War? I’ve stopped speculating about that; in the meantime, this whole multimedia reveal puzzle is nearly as entertaining as that bonkers Black Ops 3 campaign was five years ago.

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