LC10 Cold War Loadout: Best Attachments, Setup And Class

When it comes to selecting a powerful SMG in Black Ops Cold War, very few come close to the LC10. Resembling the compact MPL SMG from the very first Black Ops title, the addition of the LC10 has spiced up the SMG metagame that has been dominated by the AK-74u since its launch.

Buff for the SMG at the start of Season 3 has seen the LC10 move into one of the most popular weapons to be used, and with Season 6 in full swing, it's still keeping hold of its place within the Black Ops Cold War meta even though Treyarch has implemented nerfs.

After experimenting with a variety of attachments, we’ve found the perfect loadout for this phenomenal weapon.

LC10 SMG Cold War

Armed with a moderate rate of fire and levels of recoil that does need some form of control in mid-range engagements, the LC10 has all the ingredients to suit fast and aggressive gameplay.

By adjusting the centring while firing the SMG, controlling the weapon becomes much easier, but with the right attachments equipped, the recoil is much easier to control, allowing you to grab the advantage over the opposition.

Up close and personal is where the LC10 comes into its own. With minimal damage drop-off combined with the fire rate, it takes down enemies in just a handful of bullets.

LC10 Cold War Best Attachments

  • Infantry Compensator (Muzzle)
  • 11.9” Reinforced Heavy (Barrel)
  • Steady Aim Laser (Body)
  • Bruiser Grip (Underbarrel)
  • Fast Mag (Magazine)
  • Speed Tape (Handle)
  • No Stock (Stock)

This particular set of attachments improves every single element of the LC10.

The barrel provides increases in bullet velocity and damage range while the compensator brings the vertical recoil under control, allowing the SMG to be lethal in close and mid-range gunfights.

With aggression being the aim of the game, selecting No Stock and Speed Tape drastically improves sprint to fire and aim down sight speed all while the Bruiser Grip provides small, yet noticeable, increases in movement speed.

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The LC10 is one of two new weapons that arrived in Season Two

LC10 Cold War Best Class


Hauer 77

  • Infantry V-Choke (Muzzle)
  • 22” Extended (Barrel)
  • Steady Aim Laser (Body)
  • Dropshot Wrap (Handle)
  • Shotgun Stock (Stock)

The relatively quick rate of fire means you will find yourself reloading on a regular basis. Rather than loading another magazine into the chamber, switch to the Hauer 77 armed with several attachments to continue dishing out the damage in close proximity to your opposition.



For some explosive action, C4 is the perfect piece of lethal equipment and is incredibly versatile.

Throw it into a congested area of the map and detonate it quickly for a wave of kills or throw it near a vehicle in Combined Arms to put it out of action.


Stun Grenade

When playing aggressively, a well-timed stun grenade can prove to be one of the most useful pieces of this loadout.

Stun grenades slow down the opponent that is hit by it, giving you plenty of time to rush to their location and take them out before they even have a chance to react.

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Field Upgrade

Field Mic

Knowing what lies around a corner can often be the difference between adding another elimination to the tally or succumbing to a crafty camper.

Before heading into a building or around a corner, place the Field Mic in front of you to survey the scene to give you a better idea of how to plan your next attack.


  • Flak Jacket
  • Scavenger
  • Ninja

This combination of Perks may be used by many players but that’s because they’re the best for sprinting around the map and scoring lots of kills!

Flak Jacket increases explosive resistance, Scavenger enables you to resupply ammo which is always a bonus, and Ninja reduces footstep audio allowing you to traverse the map without attracting any unwanted attention.



To maximise the performance of the LC10, we’ve opted to equip eight attachments to the SMG thanks to the Gunfighter Wildcard.

With a fully-equipped LC10, all of its flaws are diminished, giving you the perfect weapon to go on a rampage with.

The Best Ways To Play

The superior mobility of the LC10 means that the very best way to play when using the SMG is to get in the face of the opposition and eliminate them.

Utilise the additional mobility to outplay and outmanoeuvre the passive players with ease. Combined with how effective the LC10 is at close-quarters, this SMG could well be the one to use for the foreseeable future.  

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