Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies: How to Exfil, Round Requirements, Rewards And More

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Black Ops Cold War is available now and players are getting stuck into a brand-new zombies storyline.

The swarm of undead return in many familiar ways as well as a lot of new ones too.


Die Maschine is one of the best zombie maps ever introduced, and there is a brand new concept implemented this year.

Over the course of the game, you will have the opportunity to exfill and get out of dodge.

This move has massive benefits, as you can get extra bonuses for exfilling at certain points of the game.

However, it can be confusing how to actually exfil.


Let's take a look!

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Before we get into how to exfil in zombies, there are some important notes regarding the exfill process.


Beginning at round ten, players will be able to attempt to exfil every five rounds.

Players will notice a 'Radio' marker on their screen during these rounds.

You can go ahead and begin the exfil process by heading over to the radio and calling in a chopper. 

One aspect that can be tricky when calling in the helicopter is getting the exfil area clear of zombies.


The exfil area is right where Quick Revive can be purchased, and with additional zombies attempting to halt your escape, it can get a bit hectic!

Once the area is clear, the chopper will land and you can all board and exfil Die Maschine.

Ulterior Covert has posted a YouTube video showcasing the exfil process.

Check it out below!

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