Black Ops Cold War: How To Do An Execution, Finishing Move or Assassination

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The fifth installment of the Black Ops series contains a brand-new multiplayer consisting of an innovative Create-A-Class system, new level progression, and more.

Players have weeks to master the new system and have quickly found the very best weapons to use. 


One aspect of the game that has not been talked about a lot is the returning finishing moves.

This was a feature added within Modern Warfare and Warzone, and it has made its way back into Black Ops Cold War.

Essentially, there are specific moves that your player can perform when they are behind an enemy player.

This triggers a mini cutscene where your player will perform a special move, granting you the kill.


Some of these look amazing in Black Ops Cold War, but you may be wondering how to perform them.

Do not fear, as have got you covered; here's how to perform them! 


In order to successfully perform these finishing moves, you are going to have to be in the right place at the right time.


Basically, all you have to do is to get behind an enemy and hold the melee button.

This will trigger the sequence and your player will perform the takedown.

Now, this may seem like a pretty easy concept; and to some degree it is.

The hardest part about performing one of these moves is actually getting the opportunity to perform one of these moves.


Footsteps are VERY loud within Black Ops Cold War, so if you are trying to perform one of these, recommend using Ninja. 

This will silence your footsteps, making it so your opponent does not hear them.

If you are wondering what some of the finishing moves look like in Black Ops Cold War, check out the following YouTube video from ShawnJ Gaming who showcases some of them! 

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