Black Ops Cold War: How Big Is The Game Size?

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Get your hard drives ready because Black Ops Cold War is going to be a big burden on it.

Warzone was notorious this year for its huge file size and eating up hard drive space, making it impossible to play other games without upgrading to an external one.


While it's not quite at that extend so far, it could end up being huge in the long run.

The next-generation of consoles will bring more storage space, but even the PS5 and Xbox Series X could meet its match.

Black Ops Cold War Game Size

According to a blurry image that has been circulating on the internet, the new Black Ops Cold War file size could be 141.6GB.


Photo via @Phresh_N

@Phresh_N has seemingly confirmed that the size is 141.6GB and that Warzone will transition via the upcoming zombies mode.

#BlackOpsColdWar NEWS❌ We now know the exact size of the game on pc it is 141.6gb as of now on #PC... ❌We now know that a new game mode called WZ (Warzone zombies) will transition current warzone into cold war❌. And Zombies hmm let’s just say it’s interesting #CallofDuty 📺
— PhreshNews (@Phresh_N)
September 1, 2020

While we wont know what the actual size of the game is until the full launch and pre-loading opportunities arrive, we can get an idea in the upcoming beta.

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