What Is The Fastest Way To Level Up Guns In Cold War?

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Season Two for Black Ops Cold War is in full swing.

The new season of content has bought in a variety of content including new Operators and an all-new Zombies experience.


As players get to grips with the brand-new Apocalypse map, the FARA 83 assault rifle and the LC10 submachine gun, many players have been left wondering how to level up the guns of Black Ops Cold War as quickly as possible.

What exactly is the fastest way to level them up? We’ve got the answer.

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The Fastest Way To Level Up Guns In Cold War

Play Aggressively


Getting in the face of the opposition is a sure-fire way to score plenty of eliminations which will earn more Weapon XP, which will increase your weapon level.

For the guns that have a slower rate of fire such as the sniper rifles, aggression may not pay off a lot of the time but positioning yourself in heavily populated areas of the map where plenty of kills are on the table, it will increase your weapon level quickly.

While scoring plenty of kills, there’s another method that makes the process of levelling up guns even faster.

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Double Weapon XP Tokens

Combining aggressive slaying power with a well-timed Double Weapon XP is arguably the fastest way to achieve the maximum rank for a gun as quickly as possible.

Tokens can be earned by completing challenges and working your way through the several tiers of the Battle Pass.

Be aware that once activated, the time ticks down even when you’re not in a game so be sure to activate a token just before the start of a match to make the most of the additional boost of Weapon XP that can be earned!

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