Black Ops Cold War: Doritos And Mountain Dew Confirm Weapon Charms Are Returning

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Black Ops Cold War is launching next month and with the beta looming, players are excited for what lies ahead in Call of Duty.

Featuring one of the most unified Call of Duty experiences to date, each mode is set to a universal progression system so everyone can feel included.


The new battle pass will work across multiplayer, Warzone and Zombies and feature so many awesome cosmetics.

One of those cosmetics has been confirmed thanks to Doritos and Mountain Dew.

You may remember that Doritos leaked the logo for Black Ops Cold War ahead of the full announcement, but now they've revealed another piece of news.

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Weapon Charms Return

That's right, one of my personal favourite cosmetics is returning to the game.

It's kind of obvious this was going to happen, but it's still great to have it confirmed as talk of cosmetics has been scarce.


DEW-BLE XP: Grab extra XP and in-game rewards!

On their website, they have confirmed the cosmetic is returning and you can get one for submitting a Mountain Dew or Doritos code to the site!

Certain versions of the drink and snack will grant players a 2XP code (that lasts for two hours) to redeem on the site and a lucky winner can potentially gain a year's worth of 2XP!

Only those with the Black Ops Cold War mark will reward these prizes.


It looks like, for now, it is only confirmed in the US.

It's all well and good, but before you hit your local store to stock up, it should be noted that there is a limit to the double XP bonanza.

Users can bank up to 1 hour of 2XP per day and a total of 40 hours of 2XP across the duration of the program. A maximum of 160 total codes may be entered per person throughout the Promotion Period.

Mountain Dew has previously teamed up with Call of Duty for a similar promotion last year.

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