Black Ops Cold War's "Intense and Cinematic" Combined Arms: Assault Mode Revealed

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The Black Ops Cold War beta will offer a new game mode, promising ‘Multiplayer’s most intense and cinematic moments.’

In a new blog post, the devs revealed the new "Combined Arms: Assault" mode will be playable this weekend for PlayStation 4 players.


Here's what we know.

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Black Ops Cold War's Combined Arms: Assault Mode Revealed

Combined Arms is a variant of the originally announced Combined Arms: Domination. It features larger versions of maps that have a higher player count – 24 to be exact.


It plays out in a 12 v 12 format, which Treyarch is “a bigger, badder take on a classic mode that relies on team-based momentum to secure the victory.”

There are five capture zones in each map. When one’s captured, the match timer is paused and then another push follows. The match ends when the final zone has been captured. If the final zone isn’t captured, the round ends and there’s an overtime round where teams battle it out for control of one zone for the victory.

Here’s how it works, according to the Treyarch blog:

“The match gets rolling with two teams of 12 spreading out across the map to fight for control of a central neutral capture zone. Once that objective is captured, the next one opens up deeper into enemy territory. The first team to successfully infiltrate and capture the enemy’s final zone comes out on top.


Matt Scronce, Lead Game Designer, said “Combined Arms: Assault is an exhilarating large-scale experience where both teams are focused on a single moving objective. From charging the radar station in Crossroads on a Snowmobile, to storming the enemy’s ship in Armada, Combined Arms: Assault is where you’ll find some of Black Ops Multiplayer’s most intense and cinematic moments.”

If you're jumping in this weekend, the developers have promised a big step up from the Alpha.

In other news, Modern Warfare Season 6 is here, although it's still a sizeable download.

Black Ops: Cold War featured heavily in the PS5 showcase we saw last month, but there may be some things that you missed.


We also know that the game's version of Warzone will still be set in Verdansk.

Then there's the seemingly inevitable Modern Warfare Season 7, which we've rounded up all the latest news for here.

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