Black Ops Cold War: Christmas Nuketown 1984 Coming In Season 1?

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Nuketown 1984 is now live in Black Ops Cold War for everyone to play.

The ninth map to be added to Call of Duty's brand new multiplayer experience has gone down a treat and is currently offering players Double XP and Double Weapon XP on top of a 24/7 playlist.


As we ramp up to Season 1 of Cold War, leaks have been running wild on the internet as to what Season 1 will include.

With December being the most magical time of the year, due to the fact that Christmas is nearing, most games prepare for this holiday by implementing themed initiatives into their games.

Call of Duty has been no stranger to this, in previous year's they have released a Winter version of the map Crash; which is covered in snow and Christmas decorations.

It looks like Treyarch have something in store for us this year too!


Christmas Nuketown 1984

it looks like Christmas cheer is going to be spread in their latest title, but in a bit more of a bizarre fashion.

New footage has arrived of the latest map, Nuketown 1984, being covered in Christmas decorations.

😱CHRISTMAS NUKETOWN MAP FOOTAGE!The clip is a little laggy, however you can see Christmas decorations around the map and a big red Christmas tree!This is a bug. Not a leak.
— Black Ops Cold War Newz (@WarzoneNewz)
November 25, 2020

While the footage appears to have been filmed with a potato, you should be able to see the lights, candy canes, reefs and other decorations plotted about the map.


We know what you're's a bit dry. Why couldn't they add snow?

Well, it doesn't snow in Nevada. But I suppose this is a video game and one that allows soldiers to run around quick scoping zombies with bright pink camos on their weapons; so who's to say what is real anymore?

I would expect more Christmas themed goodies to arrive down the line as well.

Last year's popular Gunfight mode gave players the ability to throw snowball and with its triumphant return in Black Ops Cold War, it's likely this will happen again.


Hopefully, we can also see something implemented into Warzone for those that aren't into Cold War just yet.

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