What Does Bullet Velocity Do In Cold War?

The release of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has been met with a mixed reception from the passionate community.

When the game released in November 2020, fans expressed their frustration surrounding the lack of content and the controversial topic of skill-based matchmaking that continues to cause debate into 2021.

One of the new features that featured in Black Ops Cold War was a hybrid on the Gunsmith which made its debut in the 2019 reboot of Modern Warfare.

 The new system to customise weapon attachments proved extremely popular and for Black Ops Cold War, Treyarch went a step further, providing an in-depth breakdown of how attachments influence the performance of the weapon.

One of the variable statistics that is often changed by equipping a specific attachment is bullet velocity. But what exactly does bullet velocity do in the game?

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What Does Bullet Velocity Do?

Black Ops Cold War Bullet Velocity
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Several attachments can impact bullet velocity on Black Ops Cold War

While the likes of effective damage range and fire rate receive the majority of the focus when it comes to attachment selection, bullet velocity is equally as important.

Bullet velocity is the speed at which the bullet will leave the barrel of the weapon. Bullet velocity may also see players experiencing bullet drop, so it’s important to take it into consideration when deciding on which attachments to use.

Certain attachments will increase the speed while others will slow it down and perhaps boost another weapon statistic.

An increase in bullet velocity means that the bullet will travel for a longer distance and at a faster speed and is ideal for engaging with targets over a long distance.

An increase in velocity also improves performance in close-quarters combat, allowing players to deal a higher damage impact.

For those grinding through the camouflage challenges in Black Ops Cold War, longshots can be sometimes difficult to secure without the right attachments equipped.

By using attachments that increase bullet velocity, it’s much easier to score longshots thanks to the increase in speed and distance but with additional bullet drop, be sure to lead the shots depending on the weapon that is being used.

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