Black Ops Cold War: When To Pre-load For Open Beta On PS4

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The Black Ops Cold War beta will kick off this weekend, and PS4 players get to be the first to jump in.

With file sizes these days getting bigger and bigger (looking at you, Modern Warfare), you might be wondering just when you'll be able to download the Black Ops beta so you can get playing as soon as it starts.


Alas, we have some bad news on that front.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Beta Pre-Load For PS4

Players won't be able to pre-load the beta, meaning once it kicks off, you'll have to start your download.


With the beta beginning on October 10 and only lasting the weekend (barring any extensions), it seems a little short-sighted on Activision's part.

Still, if you are able to get it downloaded, the developers have promised a big step up from the Alpha.

You can read our impressions of the Alpha here.

In better news, Modern Warfare Season 6 is here, although it's still a sizeable download.


Black Ops: Cold War featured heavily in the PS5 showcase we saw last month, but there may be some things that you missed.

We also know that the game's version of Warzone will still be set in Verdansk.

Then there's the seemingly inevitable Modern Warfare Season 7, which we've rounded up all the latest news for here.

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