Black Ops Cold War: Armor Glitch Lets You Put It On Faster

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Black Ops Cold War's newest multiplayer experience is a return to form and a return to familiar stomping grounds.

Treyarch's new title takes players back to the original Black Ops story (fast forward a few years) to the 1980s.


While there's a lot of familiar aspects, some new ones have also been added; particularly with scorestreaks.

One of those is the Armor scorestreak - which can be a huge lifesaver if you have it equipped.

The Armor plate reduces incoming bullet damage and can be destroyed after it has absorbed too much damage.

If you've played Warzone, you'll be very familiar with how it works.


For just 1600 score, you can use this scorestreak to your advantage against your opponents.

There's a glitch with this scorestreak that lets you put it on faster, whether it is intended or not, it's a real life-saving thing to know!

How To Put Armor On Faster In Black Ops Cold War

If you're familiar with this scorestreak, your player needs to actively equip the Armor Plate into its vest.


This animation usually lasts a few seconds once activated, but it can be sped up.

@HarveyGJ_ pointed out that if you press Y or Triangle (depending on your system) whilst equipping your Armor Plate, it will cut the animation short and put you back into the action.

Armor plates can be put on much faster!


If you're playing an objective mode and find yourself outnumbered, putting on the Armor Plate can be a lifesaving move.

But if you're caught putting it on you'll quickly find yourself dead.

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