Black Ops Cold War

24 Feb 2021

Black Ops Cold War 6th February Patch Notes: Whats New In Today's Update?

A new game settings update has gone live in Black Ops Cold War today.

Just two days after the 1.11 update, we've had two-game settings updates/hotfixes to adjust some issues.

Here's what's new in today's update.

6th February Patch Notes



  • Slightly reduced penalties to speed and jump height when landing from a jump.


  • Fixed a rare crash related to Gunfight.


  • Care PackageAddressed an issue where shooting down a Care Package helicopter with a launcher would not destroy it.



  • Fixed multiple crashes related to Jump Pads, Assault Rounds, Essence Traps, Tombstone Soda, Hellhounds, and the Mimic in “Firebase Z.”


  • Addressed an issue where the Orda would not fire its secondary attacks appropriately.


  • Addressed issues that allowed the player to get on top of the Fire Control Unit in the Defense Lines.


  • Addressed an issue with Medals showing incorrect info (Fake Out, Hold the Line).
  • Fixed description tab time and score limit for multiple modes.