Black Ops Cold War: Rumours Claiming Multiplayer Beta Has Been Replaced With A Campaign Demo

Previously, most demos/betas for Call of Duty have been multiplayer, but rumours are circulating that Treyarch is planning a campaign demo for COD 2020.

This will no doubt be poorly met if its the case, considering we've had a Call of Duty since Black Ops 3. While the circumstances surrounding remote working, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, will no doubt make it tough to produce a game (let alone a beta) it's not likely to stop fans from expressing their concern.

So how legit is this rumour? Here's what we know.

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COD 2020 Campaign Demo

Youtuber dkdynamite has uploaded a video containing insider information and talks about what it could mean for the success of the newest Call of Duty instalment.

Dkdynamite states that his contact "has gotten so many things correct in the past".

The majority of COD releases since Black Ops 3 have had multiplayer betas pre-launch, although Cold War may not be the same.

Unfortunately due to miscommunication, some information was released about the game before it was meant to be.


It has since been rectified and taken down.

The insider says that the development of multiplayer is extremely delayed.

Due to this, Activision plans to release a campaign as the beta instead.

Although, this is subject to change and there's a possibility they will ramp up development in time.

It's a bit of a red flag that they're so behind in terms of the schedule so hopefully, Cold War will be of the same if not a higher standard as Modern Warfare.


The Impact

There are positive and negatives to the possibility of a campaign pre-release.

There's potential that not getting to experience multiplayer will build the hype even more for the game mode, as players will have no idea what's coming.

The biggest issue with not doing a multiplayer demo involves player feedback.

The main reason that companies release betas is to get players to find bugs and glitches which then can then fix.

If there's no one to test multiplayer then there's a high chance that it will be buggy or not as polished on release as it could've been.


COD 2020 Esports

Chance or Maux from the esports team Florida Mutineers commented on a Reddit post titled "How many people in this sub, like Karma, have felt the urge to never play call of duty again because of this game?".

According to him, there are competitive options for COD coming in the future.

Many professional players are disgruntled at the lack of Call of Duty competitive modes and opportunities.

According to Chance, Treyarch has been meeting with esports players to discuss the "competitive philosophy".

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