Black Ops Cold War Zombies: Multiple Maps Teased In Trailer! Kino Der Toten, Vietnam and More!

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Black Ops Cold War is only a few weeks away and players cannot wait to jump back into the action after a successful beta week.

Not only is the multiplayer of the game looking to be the best it has in years, but players are also excited for the other game modes.


One, in particular, is Zombies, the beloved game mode is back once again, and this time with a brand new map.

Speaking of the new map, we have now seen the reveal trailer for Die Maschine, but were there more clues hidden inside this trailer?

Let's take a look!




TheGamingRevolution posted a 15-minute video this past week detailing some of the hidden clues most of us probably missed during the original trailer.

Throughout the video, we see Weaver in front of multiple computer screens and this is where further Zombies maps have been noted during the video.

The full video can be viewed either here, or directly below!



More Maps

TGR noted that some of these clues were pretty obvious.

One for example is that at a certain point in the video we can see a map on one of Weaver's computer screens that match perfectly with the Dong Hai area in Vietnam.


This is significant as there has been a rumored map to release with the game at launch and this one has also been touted as possibly being Vietnam. 

It was also noted at the beginning of the video that the entire Die Maschine map is based around the Nacht Der Untoten map, so it is likely we get a condensed version of the map later down the line.

Moving on, another location that has been spotted on Weaver's map is located somewhere in East Berlin.

Fans of the Zombies series will know the significance of this, as this is where the map Kino Der Toten was based during Black Ops 1.


There have been rumors that a map similar to Kino, based in East Berlin will be coming to the game as a DLC map later down the line!

So, as of now, we have some clues regarding the future of Black Ops Cold War Zombies, and it looking to be the best Zombies mode yet!


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