When Is The Next Cold War Zombies Map Coming Out?

Players have been busy, exploring everything Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has to offer since its launch.

This is especially true of the Zombies maps Die Maschine and Firebase Z, in which players have not only already cracked both Easter Eggs, but are finding other secrets like a Giant Monster and more.

Though it looks as if Die Maschine and Firebase Z have divulged as much as it will for now, and players are chomping at the bit for something new!

Unfortunately, they may have to wait just a bit longer, maybe even for Season 2, to get a new Zombies map!

When is the next Zombies Map Releasing?

Hot off the release of Firebase Z, the focus has already started to turn to where the Dark Aether storyline could be heading next. 

According to @ZestyCODLeaks, Treyarch may have already finished developing the third Zombies map.

Third Zombies Map Cold War
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With several theories surrounding the next location of the map, it could be set in either the Ural Mountains or Berlin. 

As it's a leak, it should be taken with a pinch of salt until more official information emerges.

Zombies isn’t just about its story, but it’s an awesome mode to jump into with friends too.

Though, running the same situation over and over will grow old really quickly, so the mode’s popularity could start to dwindle quickly.

When we know more about the next Zombies map, and when it’s releasing we’ll be sure to update you!

Until then, let us know what kind of maps you’d like to see.

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