Black Ops Cold War: Weapon Prestige Is In The Beta! Will We See Prestige Mode Return?

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Prestige mode was a feature removed from Call of Duty last year in favor of level resetting at the beginning of each season.

This was an odd choice at the time, as many COD players love the thrill and pursuit of becoming the max rank each year.


So, with the release of Black Ops Cold War on the horizon; fans have been begging Treyarch to re-add the feature for this year's title.

Well, it appears there seems to be some hope due to another feature being in the game already.


Weapon Prestige 

ModernWarzone, one of the most well known and trusted sources of Call of Duty leaks; tweeted out that weapon prestige is in the beta. 


This feature is similar to prestige mode, as it allows you to level up your weapons more and more.

Unlocking weapon prestige in previous games has unlocked add-ons such as having your clan tag on your weapon or the number of kills you have with that specific weapon!

Although this is not a make or break it feature for Call of Duty, fans have enjoyed the little details such as being able to max out your weapon levels. 



Prestige Mode? 

With this feature already being in Black Ops Cold War, fans have hoped this means regular prestige mode is on the way as well.

Having your level reset at the beginning of each season was an okay feature, but it never rewarded players for playing more.


Prestige mode rewards players the more they play as well, Treyarch has developed some of the best prestige mode icons in past games!

So, here's hoping we see some sort of prestige mode this year. 

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