Black Ops Cold War: Treyarch Confirms Zombies Weapon XP Is Glitched - Fix Coming Soon

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Die Maschine has been one of the best zombies maps ever introduced.

Treyarch has gone above and beyond this year, and we cannot wait for the first DLC map sometime next year.


Black Ops Cold War has had a few updates thus far, and one aspect of the game that has been troubling is leveling up your weapons.

Well, now it appears a new glitch has surfaced within Zombies which has drastically affected the amount of weapon XP you are getting.

Treyarch has now commented on this glitch!



Fix Coming

The glitch itself was pretty simple.

The amount of XP your weapons would receive for each match was drastically decreased compared to before.

At first, players did not know if this was an intended change by Treyarch, as it seemed like an odd one.


Now, taking to Reddit Treyarch has noted the following; 

So, a fix should be coming ASAP; which is a massive sigh of relief for many players. 

When this fix release is unknown as of now, but we can assume it will be sooner rather than later.


Be sure to stay up to date with all Black Ops Cold War season one news here, as the first season is releasing soon! 

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