Black Ops Cold War: Theater Mode To Make A Return

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Black Ops Cold War is gearing up to be one of the best CODs in quite some time.

The multiplayer reveal was massive and received so many details on aspects such as maps, game modes, and weapons.

Now, a beloved feature is making a return this year!



Theater Mode

CharlieINTEL who was given access to Black Ops Cold before the multiplier reveal, has reported that the Theater game mode is set to make a return this year. 

It has been quite some time since a Theather mode was in a Call of Duty game, as it actually Treyarch in Black Ops 4 who implemented it last.


What Is It? 

Theater is essentially Call of Duty's take on a replay system.

This is where players can go into the game mode and take a look at the replays of their previous matches.


Most AAA titles offer some sort of reply system, as it comes in handy for many situations.

CharlieINTEL also reported that they cannot confirm whether or not Theater will be useable within Warzone.

But they noted that:

"While we are not able to showcase what it looks like or features in it, the MP lobby menu screen had a locked “Theater” mode option shown."

So, we will have to wait and see how this mode will work.

But is has been a long time coming and we are thrilled this game mode is back!

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