Black Ops Cold War Players Request More Nerfs To Sniper Rifles

The second half of Season 3 for Black Ops Cold War is in full swing and as players race to complete the Battle Pass before the start of Season 4, they're becoming increasingly frustrated with sniper rifles being able to dominate during a match.

The lack of flinch and recoil caused when using a sniper rifle has been a hot topic of conversation ever since the game released back in November 2020. Competitive players even made the decision to remove the entire category from the rules because they were far too good.

Update 1.17 bought in a huge wave of weapon balancing that included significant changes to sniper rifles. But despite the change, players are still calling for more nerfs to be implemented.

With an increase in demand for more sniper nerfs, will Treyarch listen?

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Cold War Sniper Nerf

Black Ops Cold War Sniper Rifle Nerf OP
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Despite the nerfs, many players still believe that snipers are still far too strong in comparison to some of the other weapons currently sitting in the metagame.

Reddit user "bvckspaced" posted on the Cold War subreddit requesting Treyarch to take another look at the strength of snipers.

"The flinch quite hontestly has done f**k all, I'm still getting insta-killed after dumping 4 bullets into some d**khead quick-scoping and not missing a shot," the user exclaims.

The user also mentions that Black Ops Cold War is one of the easiest Call of Duty titles to snipe on, which allows players to be incredibly aggressive.

With a one-shot kill almost guaranteed every single time when a sniper is fired, it's clear to see why players are clearly annoyed with the overpowered nature of the weapon category.

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Will Snipers Get Nerfed Again?

The post generated plenty of conversation, with the vast majority agreeing with the above post.

With so many players clearly demanding another nerf to sniper rifles, will Treyarch respond with another dose of weapon tuning in its next Cold War patch? Or will the developer continue to let the category dominate the meta? We will have to wait and see...

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