Black Ops Cold War Outbreak Game Mode Originally Meant For Christmas Release?

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The return of Zombies to the Call of Duty franchise has been met with widespread positivity from the passionate community.

As attention slowly begins to turn to what content could be arriving in Season Two after the release of Firebase Z, an all-new Zombies experience could be on the horizon.


The mode known as Outbreak has been rumored to be releasing for some time, and now it will be releasing with Season 2.

But a new image has appeared which alludes to the fact that this game mode was supposed to release quite a while ago.

Here's all we know! 


ModernWarzone, who is one of the most trusted leakers within the Call of Duty scene posted the following image which notes as follows: 


You can see a zombie in the Season 2 #Warzone and #BlackOpsColdWar trailer wearing a Santa Hat, image per @TheGamingRevo3

Known and credible leaker @Okami13_ says Outbreak was originally supposed to come at launch, explaining the Santa hat.

Release dates change frequently.


So, it appears that they originally had plans to release this game mode during the holiday season but did not get around to it.

Be sure to let us know if you are excited for this new game mode when the new season releases next week! 

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