Black Ops Cold War: How To Unlock Zork Terminal And Arcade

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Black Ops Cold War has now released all over the world.

The new Call of Duty marks Treyarch's return to the series and is also the first title released on next-generation consoles.


There are three game modes within Black Ops Cold War, and all of them are offering something different.

The campaign has been touted as one of the best in quite some time and comes off a steller Modern Warfare campaign. 

There are a ton of easter eggs within the game, but players have been trying to find the secret behind one in particular.

This, of course, is the Zork terminal, an easter egg that was in the original Black Ops title and has now made a return.


Here's how to unlock the Zork terminal! 


Safe House

In order to being the process of unlocking the Zork terminal, you are going to need to be within the CIA Safe House.


Inside this house, there is a secret room where the process of unlocking the terminal will begin. 

You will need to find the locked door, which is located close to the weapons within the Safe House.

There will be a clipboard posted alongside the door, which you should take a screenshot or jot down the notes. 

This will come in handy, as you will need to crack the code for the locked down.


In case you are just looking for the numbers to unlock the door.

Here's the code and how it aligns with the clipboard notes.

  • Clinical Record = 1 and 1
  • Warren Commission = 2 and 2 
  • Dallas News Article = 6 and 3

All together the code for the locked door is: 112263


Using this code will now unlock the door and you can check out the Zork terminal and all the mini-games within! 


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