Black Ops Cold War: How To Type In-Game

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The first season of Black Ops Cold War is just around the corner.

Treyarch has released the new Nuketown 1984 map this week, and it has become a hit among fans.


Black Ops Cold War is one of the best-optimized Call of Duty games to play on PC.

While in-game you can ever send messages for the whole lobby to see or to communicate with your team.

Here's how to do this! 




While you are playing a match of Black Ops Cold War, you may want to say something to the other team or your teammates.

This is a basic control that can be overlooked, as many of us do not use it.

In case you are using it, the control you are going to hit is 'Enter'.


This will promote a small in-game text box where you are able to type! 

This will be seen by everyone in the game, and we do not think it filters profanity.

So, be careful with what you type. 

Season One of Black Ops Cold War is almost here, and if you are looking to optimize your game before release, you are going to need to the optimal settings.


Check out our recommend settings piece here, hopefully, you get better FPS using our guide! 


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